Thursday, May 3, 2012

Britain Announces Plan to Make Publicly Financed Research Freely Available

In the Wired Campus issued dated May 2, 2012, Jennifer Howard posted an article about the British 

government declaring that it wants to "make all research paid for with public money freely available 

online."  One can only hope that our legislators will take notice.

You can read the full article here -  and the following is a brief excerpt (emphasis mine.)

May 2, 2012, 2:35 pm

Throwing its weight behind open access, the British government has declared it wants to make all research paid for with public money freely available online. If it succeeds, the move is likely to have significant consequences for publishers, and will boost the international momentum of the open-access movement. But the government won’t share details about how it will make the plan a reality.
David Willetts (left), Britain’s minister for universities and science and a member of the Conservative Party, made the announcement today at the general meeting of the U.K. Publishers Association in London. (The full text of Mr. Willetts’s remarks is available here.) He shared the gist of the news in a column published yesterday in The Guardian newspaper.
“Giving people the right to roam freely over publicly funded research will usher in a new era of academic discovery and collaboration, and will put the U.K. at the forefront of open research,” Mr. Willetts wrote. “The challenge is how we get there without ruining the value added by academic publishers.”

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