Friday, February 19, 2010

How can you support open access?

According to a recent session held in DC for the Association of Research Libraries, open access to research is "inevitable". From the session:
"I now believe that having public access to most scholarly communications is inevitable," said David Shulenburger, vice president for academic affairs at the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. " Chronicle of Higher Education

Leola Johnson, Humanities, Media, and Cultural Studies, had an article published recently in the International Journal of Communication, a peer-reviewed, open access journal. This journal allows authors to retain their copyright as well as making articles freely accessible.

If you want to make your published articles openly accessible, please consider reviewing your rights as an author. Will the journal allow you to post a pre-print or post-peer reviewed version in our Selected Works? Another option for Macalester faculty is to request support from the library fund that will pay author fees to cover the costs some journals require to make an article openly accessible. For more information, please contact your liaison librarian and we will be happy to work with you regarding your rights in disseminating your scholarly work as broadly as possible.

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