Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Liberal Arts College to Adopt Open Access - Trinity University

I want to sincerely congratulate my colleague, Diane Graves, at Trinity University in San Antonio for her major accomplishment. Diane has been active in SPARC and a longtime advocate for Open Access and change in scholarly publishing. Diane has helped the rest of her colleagues in the Oberlin Group libraries by setting an example and leading the way for small, liberal arts colleges to adopt the open access standard. You can read the complete press release here. Kudos Diane!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oberlin Letter to Scientific American

Scientific American was recently purchased by Nature publishing group. Our subscription was to increase from $24 per year to $300 per year. In addition to canceling our subscription, we joined with other library directors from 48 other Oberlin Group member libraries to send a letter protesting the price increase. Articles have appeared in a variety of places:

Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 13, "College Library Directors Protest Huge Jump in 'Scientific American' Price"

Inside Higher Ed, October 13, "Library Directors Protest 'Scientific American' Prices"

Library Journal, Oct. 13,"College Librarians Protest STM Pricing for Consumer Magazine Scientific American"

A copy of the Oberlin letter

And now we have the response from the publisher. If anyone believes we should resubscribe to this journal based on this letter, please do share your thoughts with me.