Monday, May 18, 2009

Gustavus Library Faculty Sign Open Access Pledge

Gustavus Adolpus College Library Faculty Adopted the Following Open Access Pledge on May 14th. You can see the complete pledge below, and links on their web page to other institutions with statements about OA.

Open Access Pledge

The Gustavus library faculty believes that open access to scholarship is critical for scholarly communication and for the future of libraries. For that reason we pledge to make our own research freely available whenever possible by seeking publishers that have either adopted open access policies,publish contents online without restriction, and/or allow authors to self-archive their publications on the web. We pledge to link to and/or self-archive our publications to make them freely accessible.

Librarians may submit their work to a publication that does not follow open access principles and will not allow self archiving only if it is clearly the best or only option for publication; however, librarians will actively seek out publishers that allow them to make their research available freely online and, when necessary, will negotiate with publishers to improve publication agreements.

Adopted by the library faculty on May 14, 2009