Tuesday, September 4, 2007

University of California Report - "Faculty Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Scholarly Communication"

As noted in today's Sept. 4th, Inside Higher Education
the University of California has completed a survey of faculty attitudes about scholarly communication. From the UC Office of Scholarly Communication:

"The University of California Office of Scholarly Communication announces 'Faculty Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Scholarly Communication: Survey Findings from the University Of California' which analyzes over 1,100 survey responses covering a range of scholarly communication issues from faculty in all disciplines and all tenure-track ranks. The
report provides summary and detailed evidence of a UC community of scholars that:
* Is strongly interested in scholarly communication issues;
* Conforms to conventional behavior in scholarly publication, albeit with significant beachheads on a number of fronts;
* Feels strongly that promotion and tenure processes impede the potential for change;
* Is concerned about maintaining quality in the face of innovation;
* Is aware of alternative forms of dissemination but concerned about preserving their current publishing outlet;
* Displays a gap between attitudes toward copyright management and actual behavior;
* May find the Arts and Humanities disciplines as the most fertile for University-sponsored initiatives in scholarly communication.

These and other high-level findings are extracted from the in-depth 32-item survey. The full report (124 pages) provides detailed results for each question, including analysis of responses by discipline and by faculty rank. The full report, executive summary, and the survey
instrument are available at the "Publications & Activities" page of the UC Office of Scholarly Communication, http://osc.universityofcalifornia.edu/responses/activities.html.
Findings will be used to assist the University in ongoing efforts to strategically plan and implement a range of scholarly publishing and communication services, to contribute to and inform responses to policy proposals and other environmental developments, and to guide outreach and education activities that deepen the University community'sunderstanding of the rapid evolution of scholarly communication systems.

By sharing the results widely and openly, the OSC also contributes to the body of similar work in the UK, and elsewhere, in the hope that it will inform scholarly communication program planning for others.

The University of California's Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) was founded in 2004 to assist the University and its ten campuses to create an environment that fosters, and a policy and service infrastructure that enables, the maximum dissemination and impact of the
University's scholarship, and cost-effective access to the scholarshipof others. The OSC facilitates internal partnerships among the UC libraries, faculty, and administration and, where appropriate, in concert with entities outside of UC. It collaborates closely with theCalifornia Digital Library,and its eScholarship program,which facilitates innovation and supports experimentation in the production and dissemination of scholarship. More information is available at http://osc.universityofcalifornia.edu/responses/osc.html."

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