Friday, September 7, 2007

FUD and NIH Legislation

FUD = "Fear Uncertainty and Doubt" and is a method used to provide misleading information. As reported in Peter Suber's blog today, the Copyright Alliance has issued a press release with further misinformation related to the NIH Legislation. As per Peter's blog, the membership of the Copyright Alliance includes Reed Elsevier as well as other commercial interests:

"Most of its members are not in academic publishing and not even close (e.g. Motion Picture Association of America, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, National Football League, and the Walt Disney Company) and must be very new to this issue. But two of its members are Reed Elsevier and the Association of American Publishers (AAP), which recently launched PRISM. It appears that they made the kind of pitch to the larger organization that they made online through PRISM, and heads nodded around the table. Now CA’s weight is behind their cause. Too bad someone on staff didn’t check the facts."

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