Friday, August 3, 2007

University Publishing in a Digital Age

University Publishing in a Digital Age (Ithaka Report) July 23, 2007
This report was released July 23, 2007 and has already received a lot of press. Because University Presses play a significant role in academic publishing in the humanities and social sciences, faculty may want to review in order to be aware of the proposals and recommendations made in this report.

And what others are saying about it:

"Ideas to Shake up Publishing" , Inside Higher Ed

"Sailing from Ithaka", Inside Higher Ed - "The Ithaka Report may very well turn out to be a turning point in the recent history, not only of scholarly publishing, but of scholarship itself."

"Universities should support a broader concept of publishing in the digital age, report says." Chronicle of Higher Ed

Rice U Will Start First All Digital Press, Chronicle of Higher Ed

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* Library Journal blog entry by Roy Tennant

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